Having Your Property Managed

Why Don't you Manage It Yourself?

Honestly you probably could!
You are allowed to manage your own property as long as you don't frequently leave the province and it helps if you are knowledgeable in the residential tenancy act.
But do you really want to?
Is it worth the 10% we charge for you to have freedom from your rental?
We will collect the rent and pay you directly to your account while paying any invoices due. Giving you a monthly statement and year end statement for your taxes. Any emergency's are handled on our end. Both you and your Tenants will know someone is always there to keep an eye on things. A rental is a monthly interruption to your life unless it's managed. We have a staff and have made it our business to be your management auto pilot. Sit back and have your investment appreciate while you be as involved or absent as you like.