About Me

I come from a background in Education where I served for many years as a high school teacher, a Vice-Principal, Principal, Assistant Superintendent and a Deputy Superintendent of Human Resources. I was very much involved in community life and held a number of volunteer positions including trustee for a Public Health Board and Councillor/Deputy Mayor of Corner Brook, a small city located on the west coast of Newfoundland. I feel my training and experience in Real Estate along with my background in Education and community life, have prepared me to serve the Calgary/Okotoks area as a Real Estate Agent.

As a REALTOR, I believe quality service is the hallmark of a great Real Estate Agent. It's not how many homes I can sell but rather, was the service I provided professional, personal, attentive, and patient! Were my clients completely satisfied with the service they received and were their best interests served!

Special Designations: M.Ed., M.PE, B.PE, B.Ed.

Languages: English / Anglais