About Me

A bit about myself

Born and raised in Penticton has given me the advantage of knowing the area, the climate, and the people...all the tools vital to a successful real estate career. I have a background in accounting, construction, and a passion for physical challenges. The Ironman Canada triathlon gives me the opportunity and the excuse to spend time training. Real Estate, like the Ironman, is a competitive industry and like the triathlon, the object is to achieve your personal best performance in finding the right property and negotiate the best deal for our clients.

Having been born and raised in Penticton and part owner of a real estate company, I have detailed knowledge of Penticton and the local real estate market. I have the tools necessary to make every detail of your transaction quick, simple and accurate. So if you're looking for excellent personal service and real estate expertise, call me today. I'll do my best to make sure your real estate goals are met.

Languages: English / Anglais