Seller Stories

Final Farewell….

Kim’s brother had passed away early in 2015 and Kim was responsible for handling his affairs including the sale of his longtime home.  It was a very emotional time for Kim and her family as they prepared the home to be sold.  Sorting through personal affects takes a toll and it is not always easy to let go of another part of the person. 

I met with Kim at the home to discuss the selling process and my plan to sell the home as quickly as possible.  We talked about the great aspects of the home, the projects that her brother had done like building an addition with a huge bathroom and his dream garage in the back.  This was the perfect spot to work on his classic cars, a hobby that he pursued most of his life.  These were the things that would sell this home quickly. 

The sign went up and the calls started coming in.  We had lots of showings the first few days and a very busy open house.  And very quickly we had an offer.  The deal on the house went through and a new owner was set to take over the care of the home.  It was a tough time for Kim and her family to go through and we shared some tears over the closure of this part of her brother’s life.  Thank you for trusting me to handle this important transaction at this difficult time in your life.


Pool time….

Lana and Kent had retired a number of years ago and were spending their winters in the warm Phoenix heat.  They had lived in their beautiful Eaglemere home since the early 90’s when they built the home and raised their family there. With their kids all grown up they were ready to make a move to a rural home on a golf course to spend their summers.  But selling their home first was a priority.

They had kept up the house beautifully over the years and it looked awesome.  The in ground pool that they had put in about 10 years earlier was sure to be a big hit….we hoped.  Homes with pools are a funny thing…you never know what the reaction will be.  Some people love the home but don’t want the pool.  I had a good feeling that this pool would be an attraction.

We posted a ‘coming soon’ sign, I delivered ‘Just Listed’ cards to all the neighbors and we advertised heavily in the days leading up to the listing going live.  We wanted to make sure we created a buzz.  And sure enough, on the first day of showings we had 3 families come to view the property and by dinner that night we had a full price offer in hand. 

How exciting and emotional at the same time for Lana and Kent.  This home had lots of memories and seeing that final paper was a reality check.  The deal went through and they were able to find a perfect place out at Grand Pines on the golf course…just as they had planned.  So here’s to moving on to new things in life.  Thanks for being such great clients and friends.