Professional Services


Putting your best impression out there is critical in this competitive housing market.  That's why it is important to have high quality professional photos and videos done.  Taking pictures with a cell phone and thinking those are good enough just doesn't cut it anymore.  Most people are looking at the photos of your home and will make a decision based on those photos to view the property or not.  So I won't take that chance and I will make sure you have quality, well lit and staged photos of your home so that we make the best first impression.


If a picture can speak a 1000 words, video is even better.  It gives you a true feel of a home, the flow, the vibe and can really help attract interested buyers to your home.  I think it is important to have this in our current marketplace.  All opportunities to keep your property exposed to the biggest audience is critical.  And what a better way to do this than with a well produced video.


Everyone has a mood that they create in their home with their furniture, artwork and décor touches...whether we know it or not.  This can often influence a buyer who feels emotional about their home purchase.  Vacant homes can often feel cold and uninviting and can really benefit from the addition of some staging to get buyers to feel that warm comfortable home feel.  Other homes may just need some help with positioning, decluttering or adding some décor to give it the kind of feel that we want to create to attract the most buyers.  I can help you with this by having a professional stager come in and help create the mood.