At RLP Meadowtowne, they provide training, mentoring and great sales tools to help us thrive in a very completive environment.  A great support system and training are key to success in this business.

Susan Lougheed, Broker

It's a tough decision to pick a brokerage but once I met the Broker Manager I knew I had found my spot.  Royal LePage Meadowtowne provides plenty of opportunities to educate both new and seasoned agents, I attribute a lot of the training I have received to my success.  The entire management team is supportive and it is comforting to know they have their agent's backs.   I recommend Royal LePage Meadowtowne wholeheartedly.

Lynn Oles, Broker

“I love being part of a very distinctly Canadian brand.  I believe that our company (and by extension, our brokerage) is seen as a voice of real estate within our community and in each province, and it's a badge of honour when we first meet a client. With Meadowtowne, I like the support and appreciate the high standards of success within the office.  Agents get along well together under the Meadowtowne roof, and I think the administrative staff are organized and friendly.  The brokers have our backs when it's time to recruit new agents on our team, or to answer a difficult question at any time.”

Chuck Charlton, Sales Representative

I've worked for Royal Lepage Meadowtowne for almost 15 years now.  The Broker/Owners, Alex and Gloria were instrumental in getting me off the ground in real estate.  They were always available and super instructive with what I had to do to succeed.  Quickly, with some tutelage along the way, I found myself producing more than I ever could have imagined under their banner.  For many years now, I've been ranked in the Top 1% of agents across Canada with support whenever I call on, from  the Meadowtowne management team.  I think the thing I appreciate the most now that I'm significantly more autonomous and in this age of some Brokerages going under, is the fact that they run their business with the utmost integrity and honesty, which that makes me feel very secure and enables me to 'sell' and not worry about if the Brokerage I work for is above water or about to drown.

Rob Kelly, Broker

When I secured my license about 6 years ago, I ventured out looking to see which brokerage best aligned with my business and personal needs. I met individually with Gloria Riddall, the incumbent manager at the time, and Shelly Varley. What impressed me most was the consistency amongst [them] regarding their sincere intent on providing me with the necessary support and training to make me successful in my new career. My decision to join Meadowtowne was made easy. I have been approached by many other brokerages recently to join them, and my response to them is always the same “why would I”. 

Dan Bednis, Sales Representative

I am very proud to be a Meadowtowne Realtor. I have learned so much working with Alex and his team over the years. I invite anybody seeking a career in Real Estate to speak with them

Scott Brubacher, Broker