About Me

As a life time resident of Windsor Ontario, I have spent many years working in various employment fields. I was originally employed as a bus boy at the famed Mother’s pizza on Ouellette . It was here that I developed a strong work ethic and understanding of the importance of customer service. I was also employed at the General Motors trim plant for 11 years where I was an active member in the union (local 1973). It was here that Rob learned the Power and importance of the Union in Windsor. From the Trim plant, Rob accepted a job at Casino Windsor as a security officer where he was employed for 8 years. It was during his stint at Casino Windsor, both in Union and management, that Rob began to understand what the People of Windsor want, and for that matter demand, AN HONEST DAYS WORK FOR A FAIR WAGE. The Real Estate field has made incredible changes over the last 10 years. Technological changes have made this a young person’s game, and the days of an old MLS book and a promise are long gone. For those that know me, they are aware that I am constantly of the edge of Technology. This is evident in my web site, as well as my comprehensive marking plan. Web, presence, virtual tours, automatic email updates are just some of tools I encompass during your Real Estate Journey.

Languages: English / Anglais