Living in Jasper

This section deals with unique information concerning real estate in Jasper, which is located in a National Park.

Eligible Residency:

In order to occupy housing in Jasper, you must be what are called an “eligible resident”. This is a Parks Canada regulation designed to prevent people living outside of Jasper from buying vacation homes and leaving them empty for their own use and enjoyment, or from buying a retirement home. This would further reduce the supply of housing available to residents who live and work in Jasper, drive up prices and put more pressure on development. The Lake Edith subdivision just outside Jasper town site has no eligible residency requirement and is a perfect vacation home location.

Anyone in the world can own property here but the occupants of the home must have a “need to reside” which qualifies them as eligible residents. Briefly, an Eligible Resident is one who:

# Is employed in Jasper or owns a business which requires his/her attendance and is his principal source of income, or
# Is the spouse or dependent of an eligible resident?You cannot establish your eligible residency through an office in the home. This rule is designed to prevent a wealthy retiree from buying a home here, calling him or herself some sort of consultant, printing up business cards and not working at all. The hopeful retiree would have to lease (or sublet) some office space for five years (or work for somebody for five years) before retiring.

What does this mean for someone who wants to move to Jasper? Look for employment or business opportunities. If you are employed or have a business (or you are a spouse of same) then you’re in! Or, keep an eye out for property on Lake Edith where the eligible residency restriction does not apply.

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