April, 2019

Anita Rapp

Dear Anita,
We thank you so much for going above and beyond the call of duty in providing over-the-top help to us when ever we needed your help.
Running over to see this beautiful apartment on Bellair on the very day it was listed, was a stroke of genius. and finding someone to take over the lease at the Manulife building, and with no legal liability on our part with so little fuss and bother, is so greatly appreciated.
Thank yo so much for everything.  
As always it's a pleasure working with you.
Bryna & Michael 

Bryna and Michael

Anita, Congratulations on this recognition and award. Your hard work, imagination and knowledge fuels a terrific personality (or the other way around) and care for your clients. Once in while is not enough, everyday for years and years is the true demonstration of a real professional....a toast to the repertoire and vocabulary that is distinctly you....bravo, xoxoKathy

Dear Ms. Rapp,
I want to thank you for sending me your reports. I am a retired architect-city planner, who grew up in Toronto, left for grad school, and ended up staying in the Washington, D.C. area. If I recall correctly, we met when I was in Toronto for a class reunion last June. 
Your potpourri of items is by far the best I have ever seen from a real estate agency, or perhaps just from anywhere. It has been a  delight for me to see all your collected tit-bits of information about my old home town. I especially enjoyed the TTC 1942 cover, with its cartoon of happy people getting on a streetcar. I actually remember that cover, since, as a child aspiring to be an artist, I tried to reproduce the whole thing. You have given me some very happy memories! 
The idea of my returning to Toronto is quiescent for the moment, but I will appreciate continuing to receive your reports. My compliments on your creativity and cheerful ambience. With all best wishes, yours sincerely,

Hi Anita,
Andrea and I just wanted to send you a short note of thanks for the considerable amount of work, research and time you have spent on our behalf, helping us purchase the two homes we have resided in in Toronto.

Because of your hard work, both our existing home and our past home have been wonderful places to live. We look forward to working with you again when, in a couple of years, we will downsize and relocate again.

Yours Sincerely,

Mark Daniels


The idea of living at the Granite Place was a dream, but you helped me make it possible.  Your knowledge and skills in real estate, as I sold my house and bought this condo were greatly appreciated.   It was stressful and I needed your countenance and guiding hand.  

You have enriched my life and I feel very fortunate that you made it possible and showed me how. 

You are a great example of determination, kindness and honesty.  Thank you for all you gave me.


We want to thank you for your help and support in buying and selling the houses.  We really appreciated all your advice and you made the entire process easy and fun. 
Your are wonderful!!!.

Andreea and Andrei

Just a note to let you know how much we appreciated your assistance with selling our condo. Your advice and sense of humour were calming and kept us on track for a great result. We’re thrilled and will be sure to spread the word.  

All the best,

Corrine and Shawn

Hi Anita!
I was a first time buyer in Toronto with very little knowledge of what I was looking for. You were very patient with me, and helped me explore all my ideas and options. You taught me a lot about real estate and the city of Toronto which aided me tremendously with my decision. Last but not least, your personality and humor helped make what I expected to be a very stressful process, into a really enjoyable one!

Thank you very much for helping me find my home! I am looking forward to showing you what I have done with the place since you last saw it.

You are not only a fantastic real estate agent, but a great person as well, and I will be wholeheartedly recommending you to all my friends who are looking to buy/sell in TO.