Our Area

Optimism for the future in the strength of community have always been driving forces in Kindersley, and so they remain today.

In the beginning, Kindersley's fortunes were tied directly to the railway that was opening up Western Canada at the turn of the century. Like many prairie towns, Kindersley has seen fluctuating boom and bust times throughout its 85 year history. While the burgeoning community established itself as the major service center for west central Saskatchewan, economic stability came with the people, their enterprises and the productive land. Today Kindersley has a population of approximately 4,800 and as the main service center for the surrounding communities of Coleville, Eston, Kerrobert, Dodsland, Marengo, Brock, and Eatonia. Another 30,000-35,000 people are within its trading district.

Reasonable taxes and land costs combined with such amenities as a modern 50-bed hospital, a long-term care facility and elementary, secondary and post-secondary schools also make Kindersley an attractive place to live.

The demographics of Kindersley are the opposite of most rural communities in Saskatchewan. In Kindersley 80 per cent of our population is under 55 years old. That's a good trend because we have a young work force and a growing community. A local community college and minor sports program help to support, and to keep, younger members of the community close to home.

We have a low crime rate, a healthy business community, excellent professional services, a prosperous farming district, excellent education and health care facilities, a strong ministerial association with a wide variety of denominations, an abundance of cultural and recreational opportunities - the future of Kindersley looks very bright.