COVID-19 Showing Protocols

Thank you for your interest in the property we have listed.  Please see the following instructions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Buyers (prior to a personal viewing):

- Prior to scheduling a property showing, we urge all buyers to view the photographs of the property.  Photos can be found by viewing the listings on or by viewing them on this website.
- If you feel unwell, please cancel the showing and re-book at a later date.

During the showing we ask that Buyers:
- commit to not touching any surfaces during the showing.
- sanitize your hands/wear rubber gloves throughout the showing.
- keep your hands in your pockets to prevent you from touching surfaces.
- leave all doors and light fixtures on.  Do not close doors or turn off the lights.
- DO NOT use the washroom.
- limit the showing to the buyers only; no additional family members, friends or children unless there are exceptional circumstances and prior arrangements are made with the listing agent.

- For all confirmed appointments, please leave all lights on and any doors/closets/etc are to be left open to allow a buyer to view the property without touching any surfaces.
- Please leave the property for all showings.
- Please wipe down all exterior door handles prior to showing.
- Please note that your REALTOR will be in touch with you prior to the showing to review the new showing protocols.